Virginia Von Schaefer, M.D.

San Clemente, CA

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Virginia Von Schaefer, M.D. stands as a beacon of hope in integrative oncology, rooted in the picturesque surroundings of Laguna Beach, CA. A deeply personal journey that saw her sister grappling with leukemia lit the path for her to reshape cancer treatment methodologies. With expertise spanning trauma surgery, cell biology, and biochemistry, She seamlessly blends traditional surgical and medical techniques with holistic approaches, crafting the ultimate treatment plans.

Gaining national and international accolades, She has positioned herself as a torchbearer in integrative oncology. Known primarily for her proficiency in tailoring low-dose chemotherapy, personalized immunotherapy, and pioneering treatments, she has changed the narrative for countless patients. Her approach is rooted in deep academic insights and extensive training and in offering individualized patient care that is truly second to none.

With an impressive tenure of over three and a half decades in the clinical arena, she has donned multiple hats – from trauma surgery to oncology and endocrinology. Using this rich tapestry of experience, she masterfully devises treatment blueprints that tackle intricate medical challenges. By harnessing the power of biochemistry and molecular biology, she treats and offers strategies to nip ailments in the bud.

Every patient is a unique puzzle for her. She delves deep into their cellular structure, ensuring tailor-made medical interventions. Her ultimate aim? To pinpoint unparalleled solutions that combat existing medical challenges and focus on prevention, overall wellness, and charting a roadmap for sustained health.

Her clinic is a sanctuary for those battling a plethora of medical conditions. She has answers from all types and stages of cancer to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and Lyme-associated ailments. Her treatment umbrella also spans autoimmune disorders, regenerative medicine, and wellness approaches.

Moreover, her clinic extends its healing touch to those dealing with diabetes, neurodegenerative issues, candidiasis, thyroid imbalances, and endocrine irregularities. Beyond these, she offers strategies for weight management, lymphedema, anti-aging, and holistic flu and COVID-19 protocols.

In Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer, the world of integrative oncology finds a true visionary driven by professional understanding and personal experience.

Virginia Von Schaefer, M.D.-Holistic Therapy in Cancer Care: Understanding Usage Rates


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