About Me

Virginia Von Schaefer, M.D. is a pioneer in integrative oncology based out of Laguna Beach, CA. Her sister’s battle with leukemia inspired her to find a new approach to cancer treatment. Her background in trauma surgery, cell biology, and biochemistry enables her to integrate conventional medical and surgical techniques with integrative therapies in order to create optimal treatment modalities. Through her contributions to the field of integrative medicine and oncology, she continues to improve healthcare outcomes for patients even in the most difficult of situations. 

Current Role 

She has achieved national and international recognition for her work as an integrative oncologist and her expertise in customized low-dose chemotherapy, individualized immunotherapy, and other cutting-edge treatments. Her pioneering work in the medical innovation sphere of integrative medicine has made all the difference for many patients throughout her medical career. She brings rigorous academic study and years of training to her practice of modern medicine and a highly personalized approach to her direct patient care practice. 

She utilizes her over 35 years of clinical experience in general and trauma surgery, oncology, and endocrinology to develop strategies to solve patients’ complicated medical issues. Her practice provides comprehensive and effective treatment plans to patients with cancer and chronic illnesses that use the principles of biochemistry and molecular biology as problem-solving tools. 

Dr. Von Shaefer evaluates each patient and their unique cellular makeup to provide the ultimate personalized medical care. Her goal is to identify the best possible solutions for resolving medical problems, preventing cancer and chronic illness, optimizing health and wellness, and strategizing for long-term health. 

Practice Areas 

Virginia Von Schaefer, M.D. provides treatment for a variety of medical conditions, including: 

All cancer types and stages 

Chronic fatigue 


Chronic viral infections 

Lyme related disorders 

Autoimmune diseases 

Wellness and regenerative medicine 

Her clinic also provides treatment for diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, chronic candidiasis, hypothyroidism, and endocrine imbalance. Additionally, she offers programs for weight and metabolic optimization, lymphedema, anti-aging protocols, COVID-19 treatment and prevention, and full-spectrum influenza protocols. 

What Makes Her Unique? 

Dr. Von Schaefer takes a unique approach to cancer treatment that involves multiple phases: 

1. Systematic testing and treatment for underlying metabolic and viral issues 

2. Genetic testing to understand each patient’s unique cancer cells 

3. Treatments to boost immune system function to an optimal state 

4. Identification of science-based treatment modalities to change the biochemical environment 

5. Information and education to help patients and their families during this difficult time 

6. Assistance with stress-releasing exercises and good eating habits 

7. Education about essential supplementation and micronutrients 

8. Personalized treatment program and maintenance regime

She understands that every patient is unique and offers compassion and high-quality care to each person she treats. Von Schaefer provides patients with a thorough understanding of their individual treatment plans. She is experienced, educated, caring, gentle and compassionate.

Academic and Career History

She obtained her medical degree from Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians in 1983. During her time at Columbia, she completed pioneering vascular surgery research involving vascular grafts hand-woven from Dixon absorbable suture material. As part of her surgical residency, She performed research on rats to test the efficacy of 5-FU continuous infusions for metastatic colon cancer in the liver. 

After graduating from Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians, Virginia Von Schaefer, M.D. began her career as a surgical resident and medical intern at New York Presbyterian Hospital in 1983. She then became a surgical resident and completed her postdoctoral research fellowship at St. Vincent’s Healthcare in New York. She was a trauma and chief resident doctor at Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens, an affiliate of Cornell Hospital, and completed her vascular surgical fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

She has been practicing medicine and surgery for over 35 years. She began her career as a trauma and vascular surgeon but, after a spinal cord injury, returned to her life’s passion of cellular biology and biochemistry. Using these concepts in conjunction with her surgical experience, she discovered novel approaches to treating cancer that combine traditional treatment methods with metabolic-based modalities in a non-conventional and synergistic fashion.


Virginia Von Schaefer received the Dr. J Lattimer award from The Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons for her research in transitional cell cancer of the bladder and uterus.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

During her downtime, She likes to spend time with her three Italian greyhounds and her children. She also enjoys gardening, writing, cooking, and swimming.